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Use this Weight Watchers points calculator to calculate the number of points in something you are eating using the old system or the new points plus system. I prefer to refer to dieting as weight management, because I believe there is way too much emphasis on weight loss and thinness in the media. Whether you are out to lose weight, gain weight or maintain, it is important to eat healthily and maintain a healthy self esteem. Weight Watchers is known for their successful points program as an aid to weight management. By making good food choices and learning portion control, using the Weight Watchers system, you can lose weight or maintain your weight without sacrificing  your health or the foods you love.

The WW points calculator uses a system of counting points and is probably one of the easiest to learn and use for the long term. By counting points and monitoring your food intake you become accountable to yourself. Points are assigned to different foods based on their caloric value, fat and fibre content. Foods higher in fibre are lower in points to encourage you to eat high fibre foods. Foods high in fat are also higher in points, so ultimately one is encouraged to eat high fibre, low fat foods. The number of points you are allocated per day will depend on your starting weight, height, and goals. You should consult a Weight Watchers professional to determine that number.

The traditional North American diet is high in animal based products, meat, dairy, fried foods, etc. North Americans like their conveniences so have filled their diets with processed foods, low fibre breads, hydrogenated fats, etc. This type of diet contributes to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. Even if you're not trying to lose weight, a shift in food choices, as encouraged by Weight Watchers, will add more vegetable, fruits, and fibre to one's diet and therefore improve well being. This Weight Watcher's points counter and  WW points plus counter can assist you in choosing the right foods.

There is no magic bullet to weight loss, and eating healthily can be more work than you're used to, but the WW point system can be an easy and useful tool to examine and modify your eating habits. The Weight Watchers points calculator below should assist in this. Just look at the packaging of the food you are eating, punch in the number of calories, grams of fat, grams of fibre and click "calculate" and the WW points calculator will spit out the number of points in the food you are eating.  Whether you are trying to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain and improve your eating habits, good luck in your weight management journey

Weight Watchers Points Calculator

This is not an official Weight Watchers Points Calculator and no guarantee can be made as to its accuracy. Please confirm your results with your weight watchers literature if this is important to your well being.

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